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led lighting for residential

LED Lighting for Residential

Most people consider their house to be where they most enjoy spending time. By crafting the right lighting atmosphere you can breathe life into your home environment where you spend so much time...

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led lighting for restaurants

LED Lighting for Restaurants

Lighting for restaurants is an art in itself, and each one needs to be handled differently to ensure several different criteria are met. A good customer experience is the overriding aim for every...

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led lighting for office

LED Lighting for Offices

Your company office is where strategies are made, targets reached and goals realised. It is where dreams are made reality, and hopes are turned into dollars and cents. For that to happen, you...

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led lighting for showroom

LED Lighting for Showrooms

Car showrooms are the perfect example of where lighting – and most importantly the right lighting, can make the biggest difference in ensuring the customers have a positive experience. It has been proven...

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led lighting for retail

LED Lighting for Retail

Retail covers a very wide spectrum of establishments. From a large supermarket to a fashionable and exclusive fashion outlet; from a high-end jewellery store to a hipster book shop, each has its own...

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led lighting for hotels

LED Lighting for Hotels

Good lighting design for hotels is not just art or science, but a combination of both. While there can be many different objectives for hotel lighting, the most important goals are those of...

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