Warranty Period

LED CITY back its high-quality LED Luminaries with a 3-year warranty and its high-quality LED Drivers & Accessories with a 1-year warranty.

Scope of Warranty

Within the Warranty Period, if a rare malfunction should occur, LEDCITY.ASIA will, without charge, repair or provide a replacement for any product that proves to be defective in electrical parts or components. LEDCITY.ASIA does not warrant against abrasion, corrosion, or erosion. LEDCITY.ASIA shall not be liable to the Buyer or to any other person for work done or repairs made.

This Warranty does not apply to, and is rendered null and void by, any Product that, after leaving LEDCITY.ASIA's store:

  • (a) is opened, repaired, or altered without LEDCITY.ASIA's prior written approval;
  • (b) is the subject of improper storage, installation, or operation;
  • (c) is the subject of intentional or negligent misuse, misapplication, neglect, or accident; or
  • (d) is not used, repaired, or altered in accordance with LEDCITY.ASIA's written instructions.

LEDCITY.ASIA expressly reserves the right to declare this Warranty null and void upon Buyer's failure to make full and timely payments with respect to any products purchased by the Buyer, in which event all of LEDCITY.ASIA's obligations and the Buyer's rights under this Warranty, shall immediately terminate.

Labour costs for (de-)installation of the Products are not covered under this warranty.

Obtaining Warranty Service

Please complete the RMA form to be allocated a RMA number; returns shall only be accepted when a valid RMA number has been issued. RMA numbers are valid for fourteen (14) business days after receipt.

Please note that shipping costs, custom duties and any other third party charges are to be paid for by the customer.

RMA Form - Please complete and email the form back to sales@ledcity.asia.


Last updated on 1 Aug, 2019.