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A Success Story for Office Lighting

LED city success story - office lighting

All too often the lighting in the workplace is taken for granted. Most often when it does draw the attention of management, it revolves around the costs, and then progressive steps are taken to determine how lighting costs can be reduced. Poor lighting can really be detrimental to a business because it creates a lot of problems that go unnoticed. The following is a true success story of how making the lighting in a workplace the priority, and in this example, an office can create many benefits and advantages.

The Old Lighting System

Recently a business entity came to the decision that it was time to assess the lighting in their 3,000 square foot office. Our technicians did a full assessment and determined the following….

  • The system being used was comprised of 58 nos. of 36-watt CFL downlights
  • The amount of power being consumed was 2,088 watts
  • The brightness being delivered was between 160 to 240 lux
  • Colour temperature was 4000 K neutral white

Our experts were able to quickly identify that there were a lot of problems with the current system that was lighting this large office space.

Problems Identified

Cost Factors:

The number of downlights was consuming an excess amount of energy that was costing the company a lot of extra money while at the same energy was being wasted.

These problems were creating an unsafe environment for the staff, and they found it difficult to be productive. This is because they weren't getting enough optimal light.

This issue alone is very capable of producing a whole range of additional problems.

Not Enough Brightness:

In this case with the brightness of the lighting being below what is considered to be the acceptable standard (AZ/NZS 1680.1:2006) employees were at risk for….

  • Eyestrain
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Falling or tripping

Color Temperature:

Many of the workers were feeling sleepy and had a lack of concentration in this workspace, and couldn't understand why. When the colour temperature provided by the lighting is not sufficient or adequate, it can make those that are exposed to it feel just like these workers did. Studies have shown that where tasks such as reading must be performed that cooler lighting improves the ability to read and concentrate.

Our Solutions

  • Once our experts assessed and identified the problems that this 3,000 sq. ft. Office space environment was dealing with a solution was created and implemented by our technical team.

A new lighting system of 41 nos . of 36-watt 60x60cm PL10 Series LED panel lights were installed and corrected all of the original lighting issues as follows…

  • The new system gave a 1,476-watt of power consumption which now creates a 30% savings in energy.
  • The lighting now delivers an average of 350 lux to 500 lux of brightness. This is double the lighting compared to the old system.
  • A deployment of 5000K of colour temperature lighting is now enjoyed by all staff members.

The Benefits

A success story for office lighting - LED city

Once the new lighting system for this office space was fully installed by our expert lighting technicians, this business establishment was able to capitalise on the numerous positive results that it created:

  • Employees are now being exposed to soft, bright, uniform, and evenly-distributed lighting which making it much more comfortable for them to work in.
  • A much better work environment that supports overall good health by reducing work-related fatigue, eyestrain, and other outlined issues.
  • The business benefits by the better working atmosphere for the employees in that they are now more productive. There may be possibly fewer days of work loss that may have been related to headaches or eyestrain as a result of poor lighting.
  • The Company is now enjoying some great savings in their energy costs and consumption and are pleased that they are able to be environmentally responsible.

If you feel that your workplace could benefit from a lighting assessment and perhaps an update to correct identified issues be sure to call us here at LED City, and let us make your business environment a success story.

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